Tied Up and Spanked

Hardcore Bondage

The blood was rushing to my head, but I couldn’t move. I was tied upside down to a chair. The ropes cut into my skin, cutting off circulation to my limbs. Master came up and smacked my bare ass as hard as he could. I let out a piercing shriek as my skin stung with his fury. Again and again, he brought down his palm with immense strength. Tears streamed from my eyes, dripping from my forehead to the ground. My ass must have looked tomato red by that point. He then pulled out a cane and stared whacking my ass. Already sore from the bare bottom spankings, the cane felt as though it were a gun shot. I must be bleeding, I thought, but I felt no blood trickling down. Please, Master, I’ll be a good girl! Whack! There was no saving myself from his wrath. He took out his cock from his pants and drove it right into my ass. The chair shook from the force of his thrusts. Whimpering, I curled my toes, trying to make it through the pain. He stopped to paddle my ass, then started fucking my pussy as he continued to paddle me. Finally, he stood up to blow his load all over my exposed and beaten ass. He went to shower before coming back to untie me.

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