Tied up And Used

My pussy was so sore and tired from being used up like the slut I am, that I begged my master to please fuck my ass that my pussy couldn’t take it anymore. He laughed and kept pounding me harder and harder, I couldn’t take it so I laid quietly embracing every hard pound. Since I was being a good girl taking it, he told he would reward me and fuck my ass. As soon as he said that he shoved his hard cock fast and deep in my ass the pain was tolerable so I started getting wet from the pounding he smacked my ass hard a few times and pulled on my nipples. Being tied up stopped me from being able to do anything but take his hard pounding. Stroke after stroke I could feel him opening my ass up, he then stuck 4 fingers deep in my cunt and as he pounded my ass, he fingered my pussy the pain was too much for me to handle but then thankfully he moaned and filled my ass up as I felt the cum drip out my as I was relieved it was over. 


Submissive slut


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