Tied Up Games

bondage whore

Master wanted to play a new game and I was intrigued. He picked up a special table for me to lay on. It looked like a massage table but without the head hole. I was to strip down and lay on the table. Laying on the table, Master came in with a rolling side table with all sorts of ropes and toys on it. The long ropes were draped over me, he lined them up with my shoulders, underneath my breast, across my hips, thighs and ankles. “ Now stay completely still” Master commanded. He dropped to his knees and began to tie the rope ends together, they bit into my skin a bit but I enjoyed the little bit of pain. Soon i was unable to move, my master enjoys these types of games where i am helpless, I love them as well.

He hoped up and traced his fingers down my skin playing gently with my nipples making them peak up a bit before he gripped them and twisted them roughly. He reached over and clipped on my nipple clamps. He then grabbed that wonderful and evil toy, a wand vibrator it makes me squirm and cum so fucking hard. He dragged in on low across my hip bones and down my bare pussy and back up and around toying with me. My cunt was dripping wet and aching for that sweet release. “ Beg for me, my sweet girl.” My thighs shook as i begged him to let me cum, i needed that sweet release. He nodded in approval and my hips pushed up as he rubbed and teased faster and faster till he made my little cunt explode and squirt hard as i let out a satisfied groan.

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