I Secretly Enjoy My Punishments

Submissive WhoreI knew I was in trouble. He had caught me playing with my pussy. My pussy belongs to him and I am to ask permission to touch it. I had snuck and watched porn on my phone, and I was so horny that my hands crept down my panties and rubbed my wet bald clit to climax. I apologized to him and told him it would never happen again but that wasn’t good enough he said. He told me not to plan anything this weekend because I would be busy making amends for my wrong. I never tell him, but I secretly enjoy his punishments. Just thinking about the dirty naughty things, he is going to do to me makes my pussy so wet. When I got home Friday there was a note on the bed telling me to strip down and lay on my stomach. I did as I was told and waited. I heard him walk down the hall and then felt a hard smack on my ass from the straps. He then bound my arms and legs together and left me. I was starting to get cramps from the position, but I would not complain. I had touched his pussy and now I must be punished. Soon the bedroom door opened and as I looked back a long line had formed. He told me I must take each dick wherever they wanted to put it and never complain or cry in pain. My pussy was soaking wet and I was so horny that I climaxed as the first of many dicks was rammed in my pussy. I took them in my mouth, my ass and my pussy that night. Sometimes more than one hole at the same time. When they were done, I was filled with cum and some of it was mine. I never complained once, I enjoyed it.

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