To Catch a Thief

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A dark shadow slipped in through the door, closing it behind them with the barest whisper of sound.  You aren’t sure what woke you because the door didn’t make enough noise to wake even the little yappy dog in your wife’s room down the hall.  The light of the moon passing briefly out from under cloud cover throws the shape of the intruder against the wall in a stark silhouette.  You notice the distinctly female shape before the shadows return.  The faint snick of the jewelry box lid signals the loss of your favorite watch and wedding ring to the thief.  Suddenly you’re no longer surprised, you’re pissed.  You loved that watch.  Springing up abruptly from the bed, you tackle the black clad figure as she is rifling through your nightstand.  There is a muffled feminine shriek, quickly stifled and you find your hands full of frantically struggling woman.  You quickly overpower her and pin her to the floor.  You’re both breathing hard and somehow the combination of adrenaline and wriggling female trapped beneath your hips has given you a fiercely raging erection.  As you cover her mouth with your hand, you try to decide whether to call the cops or make her pay some other more satisfying way. Who knew this sexy little thing could take so much from you. 

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