Master Daddy

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My master loves when I submit to him most by giving him all my little ones. He ties me up and gags me and I am helpless to watch his brutal torture as he makes them his too. Truth be told I am dripping and all slippery watching his ruthless thrusts. I love watching him pound their little faces AND their little bodies. Squirming and their wailing makes me crazy cuz I love everything he is doing to them. I love giving him every part of me, he owns me. I struggle and he knows it’s time to let me help him, sitting on her face so she can taste what her cries do for Mommy. Cry all you want because Mommy and her Master love it. Master Daddy, Master Cock, Master Master Master. He owns us, our bodies and our minds just submit and stop fighting…or fight and turn us on more. That’s the life I live with my Master, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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