Tonight Is The Night

submissive whore robynTonight is the night that Master invites all his friends over that love to humiliate me.
The morning started just like it always dose when we are going to have an evening centered around their pleasure and my shame.
Before he left for work he locked me in my cage with no food or water. I will be here until they arrive and long after. I have already pissed all over myself. I couldn’t hold it any longer.
But that is what makes him happy. He wants me to smell of urine when the fun starts.
They will spend the evening pissing all over me in the cage. By the end of the night I will be covered in sticky cum and potent piss. My hair will be matted and I will be totally humiliated as their piss whore.
They love golden showers when they have me to piss on.
Finally they will pull me from the cage and they will fuck me mercilessly, shoving their piss covered cocks in all my holes, making me swallow their cum and piss until they have had enough.
I will be shoved back in my cage at the end of the night and not allowed to shower until in the morning.
is it wrong that my pussy is wet knowing what is cumming?

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