bondage whoreMaster has me hooked. No literally. Master has me hooked right by my tight asshole. He is always showering me with the latest bondage gadgets. He absolutely loves to try new forms of bondage and cannot get enough of my submission to him. This particular item we tried out most recently was a stainless steel hook that slipped into my asshole in which was also attached to a section of rope. A very short piece of rope to be exact that was fastened to either my arms or my head. We tried both points out. And anytime I would move. Just the slightest movement or squirm. Due to him over stimulating my very sensitive clit that hook that was latched into my ass would hook me even deeper and harder. The more I tried to hold still the more my body quivered and flinched causing my asshole to be hooked like a fish that had just been reeled in. I could tell Master was taking full pleasure in my pain. As that hook would ride deeper and deeper inside of me. His cock was standing tall and just dripping with precum. I thought surly he was going to cum without even having to touch himself. And he did. His cock just started spewing cum out of his dick hole as he had his eyes glued on my hooked ass hole. I see this being a favorite of Masters and plan on being his little fishy whore very often in the near future.

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