Torture Fuck

Submissive Whore

I love being used and abused by master. I crave it. I want it with every fiber of my being. My only purpose is to be Master’s play thing. When he is in a bad mood, I happily offer up my body for him to exert all his anger and frustration on. Today, Master was particularly upset. I waited for him by the front door as usual- completely naked with only and collar and mouth open ready to receive his rock-hard cock. But instead of tender pets and a warm hard cock, I was greeted with continuous blows to my head. Master then pulled me by my hair to the dungeon. He suspended me in the air with tight rough rope and secured a big anal hook in my tight ass positioning me in front of the most powerful fuck machine. Master loves seeing me squirm around. He pushed the dildo inside of my filthy cunt and powered it on. I was fucked so brutally and fast while master whipped my ass repeatedly every time I whimpered.

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