Torture to Death

torture phone sex

He was here to get me pregnant, but my holes could never compare to my daughters holes. He needed her to work the cum up for my cunt, that baby batter for my pussy would be drained out from my baby girl’s little tiny holes. We both get off on the same thing…pain, torture… fucking bloody snuff rape fantasies. He was there for two of my precious angels, both so young and bald and innocent. Sky was who I gave him first; she is so young tiny little body with big blue eyes and curly blonde hair. This is the one he wanted me to kill as he filled me with his babybatter but first we started with me fisting her ass and her little pussy. Her blonde hair was bloody and I made her taste her own blood off of my fingers. She cried and begged Mommy to stop hurting her! He loved watching, he knew his cock would soon go into an even younger hole. I left Sky covered in blood and ruined in the corner while I got her little sister Scarlett. That girl, one of the youngest…still in diapers and not talking. Puffy little bald cunt to cave in, well rather I planned to force her to make her ass and pussy one hole by using my friend’s cock to force all the way in. I bounced her body up and down while she cried and struggled and screamed. She was bloody and helpless. It wasn’t long before her tight cunt made his cock ready for my pussy; he pushed past my cervix while I laid lil Sky on his chest. Ready to snuff her out for him with my fist stuffed way past the elbow! He looked right in her eyes as she died, and I was given the warmest babybatter I needed to make another little one for him to destroy.

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