Training the newbies

bondage phone sex

“Harder.” I screamed. “Make it hurt.”  The belt landed solidly against my naked ass. I arched with the pain of my bondage phone sex whipping, feeling my pussy getting wet. Just a few more blows and I knew I’d be coming. You were new to this. You didn’t hit with nearly as much force as Master did. I knew that if I allowed you to go easy on me, that I’d pay for it later.  Trainees like you were not uncommon. In all of the years since I’d been abducted and forced into slavery, I’d seen so much young ones pass through these doors.

I began to taunt you, hoping that it would be just what you needed to really turn lose on me. I hissed ugly words between my clenched teeth. You didn’t even know how to insert a ball gag properly. “Faggot. Loser. Tiny dick.” I provoked you. Finally some emotion from you. I could see your jaw clench. Your cock was rising over the top of your leather pants. I knew you couldn’t take much more.

One more act of disobedience was all it took. You were on me like a wolf on fresh kill. You grabbed me by the throat, forcing your fuck stick down my gullet. I choked and you began to punch me as you pumped into my face. I could smell the stench of your sweaty balls as you fucked me. The bile rose in my throat but I swallowed it. You were just like the others. An evil controlling man whose penis was only hardened by abusing a helpless person.

You pulled out with the first throb of your cock. Slippery with my spit, you gripped it, jacking it. I bowed my head and waited for the shower of cum. Sluts like me were born for one reason. To take the abuse that other women refused and make it my talent. Knowing that I was dead forever to my family, what did it matter what happened to me now?

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