Uncategorized phone sex topics can be so general and can mean anything really. I’m a very submissive girl, so bondage and submission are what get me off the most. Look at me body, you know it looks great wrapped up in sexy, silky ropes. I enjoy being wrapped up on a bed, but suspension is fun too. It makes me so much wetter since I really have nowhere to escape to.

                Suspend me upside down where my pussy and asshole are at the perfect level, right in your face. My pussy looks like a beautiful flower, just ripe for the picking. It’s begging for some toys and penetration. It’s begging so hard you can see some cum already lightly dripping.

                My legs start opening and spreading as I feel a huge dildo get inserted into my pussy. If it was a real dick, you would be able to tell how tight my pussy was. I start screaming as the fat dildo starts inching its way inside. I can’t get over how good the thrusting feels, and my body just goes with the motion.

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