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Uncategorized phone sex topics can be so general and can mean anything really. I’m a very submissive girl, so bondage and submission are what get me off the most. Look at me body, you know it looks great wrapped up in sexy, silky ropes. I enjoy being wrapped up on a bed, but suspension is fun too. It makes me so much wetter since I really have nowhere to escape to.

                Suspend me upside down where my pussy and asshole are at the perfect level, right in your face. My pussy looks like a beautiful flower, just ripe for the picking. It’s begging for some toys and penetration. It’s begging so hard you can see some cum already lightly dripping.

                My legs start opening and spreading as I feel a huge dildo get inserted into my pussy. If it was a real dick, you would be able to tell how tight my pussy was. I start screaming as the fat dildo starts inching its way inside. I can’t get over how good the thrusting feels, and my body just goes with the motion.

Extreme fetish phone sex means I am a feeder.

Extreme fetish phone sex          Extreme fetish phone sex means I am a feeder. Now all I need is for you to be the eater. Among my many talents feeding and cooking are a favorite of mine. Feeding my Dom all day. Letting him lick my toes clean. Dip them into some yummy in the tummy super dark chocolate cake.

       Next we need the whip cream. Everyone knows whip cream and cherries go on the tits and pussy. Eating everything off of my. Nipping at my skin. Banana split cunt is ready when you are ready.

       Taking being the feeder to a whole new level for I am the buffet course. Love feet. Then take that fetish covered in the most sinful of foods that you desire. Eat the banana split cunt. Suck the cherry up out of my ass. Tongue between the cheeks. All the time groping, biting, and these are among the little things.

       As your Submissive Whore I will be your feeder. Your slave. Anything you wish me to be. As long as you are happy and getting off then I am yours for the taking.

All his friends will use me

Bdsm chat should be something you feel free to talk about with me. I’m all for having a master and getting piss all over me. Whenever you enjoy yourself beating me, know that you are doing the right thing.

A girl like me belongs to be behind men and willing to please them at all costs. Whenever you get to enjoy yourself with a girl ready to be a bottom bitch licking and eating all the cum  you give her, know that you have mastered being a slave pet master.

Spit all over me and watch me cry, and tell all your friends to gather around me and fuck my face till I’m blue. There’s no need to take it easy on me.

Just Can’t Decide, Huh?



I see the your problem, you need a little uncategorized submissive fuck action because you just can’t decide what you’re into right now.  I don’t know, maybe you’re a little new to this or perhaps you’ve just subjugated so many sluts that you can’t decide what you want to do next.  It doesn’t really matter.  Just sit down here beside me and tell me all of the things you like about dominating a darling blonde bimbo like me while I suck that big bone of yours.  That’ll loosen you up a little.

Don’t mind me, I’ll just be down here gagging myself on your prick while you try and figure out what subby acts you want me to do.  I really like to be tied up and spanked if that helps you at all.  But just go ahead and talk it out with me while I attempt to use your cock as a cork in my throat to hold in my lunch.  If you need me, I’ll be down here giving great head.

  Still can’t decide how to best dominate me?  Your hog is nice and sloppy, I’ll just climb on top and ride it really hard and fast while you keep lamenting your lack of influential inspiration.  You’ll come up with something, my pussy rocking back and forth on your magnificent meat stick will make sure of it.  You can always gag me and clamp up my nipples, if you want.  I bet you’d like that.

It’s up to you.  This submissive slut is just gonna go ahead and make you cum inside of me so that maybe you can straighten out your plan for proper subbing without any of that goo in there mucking up your brain.  That’ll help you decide whether or not you want to strap me down or chain me up, for sure!

Rape Phone Sex Fantasies Victim

rape phone sex fantasies

Master tells me all of the time that I’m good for nothing except sex. I am just three warm holes that he can fuck anytime he wants to. Even if I’m not in the mood, it doesn’t matter. That’s when the fun stuff that I get to talk about on calls involving rape phone sex fantasies begins. When Master forces himself on me, it really puts me in my place and reminds me that I am only good for one thing. Well, I guess that would be three things if you count all the holes that I can be fucked in.

Do you have rape fantasies that you would like to role play with me? Master loves it when I get calls like that because I get degraded, and it means that I have something to tell him about. Sometimes he just likes to hear about it and jerk off while denying me his cock. But then when I tell him I’m not in the mood, he loves to push me down and shove his cock in my pussy or asshole against my will. If you want to hear more or tell me how you’d rape me, please call me, Sir.

im your whore

cum slut phone sex

I love older men they get me off so good I want to be your little young cum slut I love all kinds of dicks I’m such a whore for cock.
I’m a young submissive little whore I love being owed by men it gets me off so much them being in control and slapping my tight ass and face I love being hit, it turns me on so much.
Daddy was my master I did what he said and his big fat cock turned me on so much.
I will take every inch of that cock I’m a whore for you baby and I’m doing what I do best and that’s being a cum-guzzling whore.
My pussy feels so nice and tight, just the way you love it it should be impossible how tight this pussy is.
you love my pretty body and face and my tight holes.



BDSM phone sex

I love all kinds of dicks I’m such a whore I love BBC too I love BBC cause it’s the biggest dick I ever had but I love all kinds of men I want to take your dick up the ass too and I want to deep throat that cock and eat all your tasty juice and swallow every drop.
I’m such a cum whore and you love it you love how I can take all of that big cock.
I love your big cock and your sexy body, you would do anything for me cause I’m so fucking hot.
I’m a nice young tight little whore and you love that you never want to stop fucking me, it’s a privilege to fuck this nice tight pussy and ass.
You love what you see my nice perky tits my nice perky little ass you wish you could fuck me every night and day.

i wanna be your dirty slut

cum slut phone sex

I want to be your little cum slut shoot your big fat load into me, daddy.
I love that big fat cock baby it makes me feel so good I love to be your submissive whore who takes every inch of that cock it feels so good while I’m moaning so loud you love my sexy young voice.
Slap my face and choke me while you’re fucking me, it makes me so hot and turned on.
I want you to fuck both holes baby ram that fat cock up this tight asshole I want you so bad every inch cum in this tight ass and perky ass you love how good it looks from the doggy style you love how it looks when I’m in that position.
That feels so good, I could fuck you every day I want you to fuck me all the time and I will squirt on that cock every time we fuck and we will make a mess on the bed will be so wet.


What ever master wants he gets

UncatergorizedWhat ever master wants he gets! Sometimes my master demands I suck his cock 10 times a day. Like a good subby cock sucking nigger whore I do what I am told. What submissive whore doesn’t like to please their master? Name me one! The only chance of me disobeying my master if I want to get beaten. Sometimes I disobey on purpose just so I can get hit and slapped around harder than usual. It gets my cunt so moist to be bruised by my master. Every week master has a different sex act I am to do on him for hours at a time. This week was sucking his cock everyday for 10 times a day. Next week he will be fucking me in my tight little asshole everyday for multiple times out of the day. I will never complain about my master wishes. Never!

Fun Calls With A Client


I get these calls from an eccentric client to say the least lol. He is very interesting to me because he loves me to picture myself in a role that I am not by nature. I am naturally a very submissive individual. When he calls me he loves to go over these scenarios where I am a villain, a very dominant type person. I love these calls and he asks me to do dialogue and asks how I would feel about certain things like I play a racist nazi and I am a slave driver that puts these people through misery. He has it where one of the slave girls gets me and humiliates  me by choking me with dirty, crusty panties and sits on my face while I am trying to yell at her. She has me hogtied and then has these raw eggs and they are slimy so through the dirty panties of hers I am trying to plead with her not to break those on me and she even makes me cry.