Ursa and the Circle Jerk!

Bukkake phone sex

Circle Jerk And Me

I am such a dirty little cum dumpster. The idea of being the star in a Bukkakke phone sex call makes me cum right in my panties. 

I was hanging out with my four big black friends the other day and decided to instigate a circle jerk with me in the middle. I need you to picture this. Four dark skinned men all over 6 feet tall standing around me. The smallest cock in the bunch was 9 inches long. Watching them stroke their cocks made my mouth water. I wanted to taste those snicker bars so bad. 

Their big dicks smacked against my face as they jerked away. They smeared their precum on my lips every so often. God it tasted so good. I could tell that they were getting close to cumming. I opened my mouth and let them spray their hot heavy loads all over my face.

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