Ursa Craves Your Bare bottom spankings


Bare Bottom spankings



Always the naughty one,

I have always been known as a troublemaker and Sometimes I am naughty on purpose, deep down inside my soul is crying out for your Bare bottom spankings.

Give it to me good.

Pull me over your knee and slide my panties down. You can feel the heat from my greedy little pussy, pulsating and craving what is sure to come. My bare ass tingles in anticipation of that first whack. I need those Bare bottom spankings.

MMMM I begin to wiggle as you take turns spanking each of my cheeks, they begin to slowly turn a deep shade of pink. I cry out and you laugh telling me I have been a very naughty whore and I need your discipline. My body is begging for those Bare bottom spankings.

Make my pussy erupt!

You begin to slide your big, thick fingers in and out of my hot little cunt, slowly screwing me with your fingers while you discipline me. My legs begin to shake, and I suddenly squirt my sweet love nectar all over those expensive pants. You will discipline me again for that another day.

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