Ursa gets punished!

Submissive Whore

Ursa gets punished!

Being your dirty Submissive Whore gives my life purpose. So, when you get mad and punish me not only do I understand it, but deep down I love it.

The other day I was sitting and thinking about how good it feels when I am on my knees waiting to serve my Master and my pussy got so wet. I know I am supposed to wait and be a good girl. The rules are not to rub my snatch without your permission but the more I fought it the harder my clit got. As soon as I flicked my little bean I cam fast and hard.

Of course, you showed up before I could change my panties and saw that they were soaking wet. I know you did not have a choice.You had to punish me. Grabbing my cheeks you spit right into my mouth before you slapped me. I needed to be reminded that my pussy is yours. So are my orgasms. I belong to you, without you I am worthless.

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