Ursa loves Daddy’s Paddle!


Submissive Whore

The Paddle

My Master got a new paddle! I am so excited. It is a hard black leather with a cutout of the words Submissive Whore . That means every time he smacks my sweet little ass he will leave a lovely little imprint showing exactly what I am. 

Of course, he knew how bad I wanted to play with it so he drew it out. Taking his time to mush my pink nipples into their clamps. Bounding my wrists to the bar above my head. Then he used the flogger up and down my body. Little needles of pain stung my body but all I could think about was that new shiny paddle. 

Finally, Master gave me exactly what I was waiting for. Coming up behind me pulling his hand all the way back he smacked my ass. The leather bit down into it. Leaving a welt and that lovely imprint marking me as his whore

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