Use Me

Bondage WhoreMy new master is so lovely. He is so young and fresh and makes me do the nastiest things to please him. He makes me jerk his swollen cock until he comes in a cup and I am to drink it all. He leaves me tied up next to the toilet because he would rather piss in me than the toilet. His warm stream filling my cunt and asshole feels so good I couldn’t be happier. He always makes me wear my ball gag so that if I wanted to complain I couldn’t. I never would though, because I know somewhere in the process he is going to give me that sweet cock and that is just what mommy needs. Even when he gets his whip and leaves lashes across my ass cheeks I love it. It is all training from my master and I live to serve him and his cock. I really hope I get to suck his dick tonight. I hope I have been a good enough girl to get to drink his cum for dinner. I know my master loves me and I know he will give me his spunk in my mouth like I need it.

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