Use That Spreader Bar

Light Bondage

I was told by my Mister to go over to his friends house and I was enjoying it, but, I would rather be taken and used by my sir. I arrived very promptly to his friends house and was greeted at the door by the house maid. She told me to go up to the room and what I saw lying on the bed was a spreader bar, I could feel myself get moist just looking at it. I starting stroking it gently and I guess I didn’t notice that his friend came up right behind me and whispered “ you like what you feel “? I jumped back a little kind of giggling. He came up to me and kissed my neck and commanded me to undress. I did and I went to my knees naked, bowing down before him and he picked me up by my hair. He spread my legs and put the cuffs to the bar on my ankles. And he threw me on the bed on my back and then opened it quick all the way. He was kissing his way up my leg to my bald pussy. When I wasn’t expecting it he got up and grabbed the bar and flipped me on my stomach and I went to my knees he pushed me over and shoved his dick in me and started thrusting. I noticed he wasn’t wearing a condom, I can’t cum unless he tells me too. So after a few minutes he came deep inside me.

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