Vacation from hell

bdsm shilohBdsm chat leads to my master’s main whore to fuck me up in the woods. I sometimes am not in my best behavior. I end up wandering off and not asking for permission. I wanted to take a mini vacation to the Bahamas. I did so not thinking the master would notice. Well, I should have thought that thru. Master is well aware of everything I do. Master has bugged all my devices. This is how I found out. When I boarded, I got a text that read ” have fun in the sun those buns are toast when you get back” I couldn’t even enjoy myself, when I made it to the airport on my way back home where they were ready for me. They threw me in the car, and we drove for hours. I was going on a second vacation they assured me. This one was going to be in the woods. The mistress started beating and torturing me and using my holes. I was being fucked hard and pissed on and degraded. I deserved it all.

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