Vanilla Sex Is For Suckers

Sexy phone sex Gwendolyn


Just how hot and steamy do you like your sexy phone sex to be?  Do you keep it vanilla and just pump away inside a pussy in missionary position until you shoot your shot inside of that laid back cock box?  Or do you like to take command and put that pussy and asshole in every position you can think of just so you can drill into them deeper and deeper?  I hope you like option two a little more because, if not, you’re in the wrong place!

I like my guys to objectify me and make me feel like the stupid slut that I am.  I need to be forced into uncomfortable positions and stuffed full of all of the dick I can get.  Think you can handle that?  If you’re into pushing my knees back so they touch my ears and pounding my holes so hard that they go numb, then I think we can talk.  Otherwise, you might want to try another hot phone whore.

I’m just being up front and honest.  Be ready to throw it down and gape me out when you make that call and we’re all good.  Pussyfoot around what you really want, maybe offer up some dull ass doggystyle or tired old monotonous missionary and just see what happens.  I’ll tell you now, I’m not into it.  If you have a score to settle or something to prove to some hot whore, then my asshole will be wet, willing and waiting for you.


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