Waiting For You

Submissive Whore Laying on my bed my cunt gushing waiting for you to walk in that door. I hear you pull up and walk into the house. My eyes widen in anticipation as you enter the bedroom. To my happy surprise, you have already stripped down and your cock is already hard for me. You waste no time grabbing me by the hair and pushing me to my knees. Your cock inches away from my mouth I open wide and you shove it deep in my mouth. You are fucking my mouth like my cunt gagging and chocking me. I drool all over your cock and down my titties. This excites you. You twist and pinch at my drool-covered nipples. My moans vibrating on your thick cock. My cunt gushes onto my thighs. I need you to cum all three of my nasty whore holes.

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