I Know My Role

BDSM Phone Sex

I know my role, Master. A blonde bondage whore like me has been conditioned into being the perfect subby slut for you. A good submissive whore like me dedicates my entire body and mind to you master. I submit to your will and only speak when spoken too. I yearn for your punishment and my throbbing cunt aches when you withhold my pleasure as punishment.

My cunt gets so wet when you clamp my nipples tightly and clamp my miserable cunt with clothes pins as you hold my vibrating wand to my quivering clit. I thank you and am gracious when you bound my tight perky body with ropes. The ball gag you place in my whore mouth keeps me completely silent as you whip, slash and abuse my porcelain skin. I know my role, Master and I bow before you and worship your cock whenever I can.

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