We’re All Submissive Whores

Submissive Whore

 I need you to understand…understand I’ll do anything. Any of these girls will…not just us girls at submissivewhore.com! We have some victims at snuffphonesex.com …those girls can be used, killed…whatever you want. But really all our sites boast subby cunts like me. We all just wanna be used and abused…I personally know my worth to be nothing. Women are for men to use as they please! And that’s all I want…to be used. Tie me up, put a ball gag in my mouth and shut me up. If I am not choking on your cock and begging for more I shouldn’t speak at all. I need to just be the little submissive slut I am and take your cock over and over, in every hole. Let you share me with your friends and whomever you want. I’d be the most popular cum dumpster, I’ll even beg for it. All of us girls will…we’re all submissive whores at heart. I know I am, through and through! No limits, cuz I have no choice, right?

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