Where am I

Bondage submission

I woke up in a dark cold room, All I couldn’t see anything but a faint light and it was getting brighter.  As it was getting closer I heard whispers from people talking. I thought they were people. I hid in the back of my cell, afraid of what was coming near me. I see a candle stick walking by itself. I must be dreaming. I kept pinching myself to wake up. The candle stick was just like the one in beauty and beast. He was walking, talking and seemed to want me. He tried to burn me with his flames if I didn’t pull my panties down.

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He dripped his warm wax on my pussy lips, rubbing his candle hands all over me. He pulled my pussy lips apart, hovering his warm flame near my clit. He was holding me open, letting his warm wax spill into my cunt. He slowly slipped his head inside of me. He started fucking me with his long warm candle stick. Fucking me so hard, I started to enjoy it. That is when I woke up, in my cell. This was going to be a never ending story.

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