At The Club

Bondage Whore DorthyI was at a sex club last weekend and there were some pretty wild things going on, I was excited immediately when I saw them and knew I wanted to be a part of them. I volunteered when someone asked if there was anyone that wanted to try out some nipple weights. I’d tried ones out a few years before and found it strangely arousing and painful at the same time. The’re heavy, Christ, I thought my tits were gonna be pulled off! I was told if I could endure the pain for ten minutes, I’d be rewarded. I stood there, eye on the clock waiting for the ten minutes, I was in real pain. The time was finally up and they removed them. The alligator teeth on them had dug into my flesh and left marks. I was sort of numb in one way and in pain in another. I’d been a good girl though and endured my punishment. I was rewarded with a mouth between my legs, I had no clue who was even licking me. I was on all fours and it was fairly dark in the club, mostly candles for light, but I felt a warm, wet tongue licking me and sucking on my clit. It had been well worth the ten minutes of pain to feel that fantastic sensation between my legs. The slithering tongue, teasing my clit, hands on my ass. Darting inside of me, licking my clit, dripping all over their face. I came all over them; and will be going back to that club to be another someone’s whore this weekend! Do you like a good whore?

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