Submissive whore


My Master had a special treat for me last night. He had a little party with some of his friends and I got to be the center of entertainment! I was placed in stocks and held there with my anal hook. My body was on display for them all to see and they could use me however they wanted. With the stocks and my hook firmly in my tight little ass, I was totally vulnerable to them and their desires. They stood around me and used various whips and floggers on me until my ass and pussy were covered in angry red welts. I couldn’t even scream out when I was hit, because I always had a cock in my mouth the whole time. Each of them would use my mouth to fuck my face while the others took turns spanking me or fucking my tight little pussy. Each of them had a turn with me and I wasn’t allowed out of my stocks or hook until all of Master’s friends were satisfied and had deposited their cum in me. Master was very pleased with me that night and rewarded me with a nice yummy load of cum for me to swallow. I just love pleasing him!

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