Whipping Reward

Soft bondage

Today as I met up with Lord Gen he expressed to me his happiness as I was a good bitch and took them cocks just as he knew I would the last time he set me up. This time he has a reward for me. He knows the best [art of pleasing him for me is the anticipation that leads up to the moment. I seen he had new roping. I was a nice bright yellow. He placed me by the stair case and bound me to securely. I had on a nice lacey dress. He took my bra off so that when I squirmed and wiggled my nipples drug across the lace making them very hard almost to the point of being sore. He then placed a new matching ball gag in my mouth. I knew I had some spankings coming to me. He never restrains me without kissing my skin with either his firm hand or the whip. And there it was. I could hear him from the other room cracking the whip. I could feel my pussy beginning to get nice and wet as the sounds drew closer. Starting at my ankles and working his way up he started lashing me with that long leather cord. I could feel the welts instantly growing under my lace dress. Just like my nipples they were rubbing against the rigid lace causing a tingling sensation to travel through my body. This whipping went on for hours.After a while and when he was satisfied he twisted me around ripped up my dress and drove his hard cock deep into my ass. I stood there and took it like a good bitch letting him ride his nut out deep inside my tight little ass.

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