Whore’s punishment

submissive whore “Tell me you like it, whore!” He demanded, as the quirt raised another welt across my breasts. I gritted my teeth against the cry wanting to escape. “I like it, master!”
My pussy quivered at how helpless I felt, completely unable to move, utterly at his mercy.

His expression showed no reaction to my words. He slowly stalked around me. Eyeing his prey. He grabbed a handful of my hair, snapping my head back and my body forward. I gasped as master slipped the tip of his rock hard cock into my gaping asshole. “You know better than to make a sound when I don’t tell you to, slut!” He whispered into my right ear. Master slammed his dick into my tiny, tight hole over and over again, until he filled me up with a massive load of his cum.
“You didn’t deserve that treat, did you, my little cum rag? My little submissive whore?” I’m gasping too hard to speak, my lungs trying madly to keep up with my heart. I feel hot cum dripping from my gaping, destroyed asshole.
“You don’t deserve this, either. But, you know I’m a kind master, don’t you?”
The doorknob moves, and the heavy metal door creaks open.
Who are you? What are you going to do with me? Are you my new master?
I can’t wait to find out!

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