The Meat Department

September 7th was National Salami Day. I knew my master was up to no good when he sent me to the grocery store in my slave clothes. Full face makeup, big hair, titties out and my ass was out. He gave me very strict directions while at the grocery store. I was to get a cart. Buy 5 tubes of lube, 5 things of plastic wrap and as many Salami rolls I could find including the ones in the back at the meat department.  My cart was full as I struggled to push it in my 6 inch plant form heels to the meat department. I rang the bell that sounds like a cow, which made me giggle. A very tall man walked out of the back in black slacks and a white coat covered in blood. 

“We have been expecting you.”

Gangbang phone sex

I figured my master talked to them and let them in on his little game but I did not expect the next thing to happen. He opened the door and said after you. I pushed my heavy full cart into the back room where the butcher block covered in blood was surrounded by four other men covered in blood. The one who let me into the back grabbed me by the back of my hair. 

“Dirty subby whore’s like you need to really experience a good salami.”

Submissive Whore

He pulled me by my hair to the butcher block. I slipped in the blood and pieces of meat on the floor, he was dragging me in the blood and they all picked me up. They put me on my hands and knees on the butcher block. They sliced my clothes off with their very sharp knives. They took the plastic wrap from my cart and started to wrap me in it to the butcher block. Spreading my legs wide open but also having access to my mouth. They pulled the cart closer to me as each one of them grabbed a box of lube and Salami. They shoved a thick Salami roll in my mouth to muffle my screams. Then they shoved one even bigger into my tight lubed up pussy. I was there for hours, being fucked with different rolls of Salami. Having all of my holes fucked and filled with Salami was not enough for them. The each took turns fucking each of my holes and filling me up with their baby batter. My holes are stick aching as I eat the Salami rolls I was force fucked with. 

Slave training

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