Will he?

Submissive slutI am going to tell you a wonderful fantasy of one of my favorite callers (we shall refer to him as Teri. See, he has a half sister, also named Jessica. He’s wanted to get his dick into her since they were young. The only thing their mother asked was for him to wait for her to be of legal age. Well, many years later, she’s of age, fixed, and he’s been very patient. He’s not made it any secret of his intentions, as much as she tends to brush it off as all joking and fun. Even Teri’s fiance, who is very bisexual, and very talented, has been trying to get them together, just one time.

Both Teri and his woman knew Jessica was bored with being so ignored by her bf of a year, always busy with kids, always stressed. They also knew she liked to be dominated.

Finally, they convinced her to come over. She stood before Teri whom was sitting on the end of his bed, while his woman stood behind Jessica. As soon as he got confirmation that he could do whatever he wanted, and as soon as he made it clear to her that she was just as safe and cared for in this bedroom as she was in any of the rest of their lives, they went to work.

Teri’s woman slowly undressed Jessica from behind, gently brushing her flesh, getting every nerve on end.

Once she was gently bound, Teri’s woman left the room. She didn’t want to intrude on something that meant so much to him. He took his time, getting her to orgasm over, and over again. With his mouth, with his impossibly gentle hands. The whole wile, she was unable to move, powerless to do anything but come.

By the time he slid his eager member into her, they both came in screaming orgasms.

Teri’s woman came back in while they laid there, spent,

“Coffee, anyone?”

Submissive whore

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