Watch the Attitude

Bare bottom spankingsSo, I did a stupid thing. I talked back to my Master with a cock and sarcastic tone. So, as I got hog tied with my bright blue Christmas present and my mouth held open with an O ring. All of this in front of our party guests. I could feel my cheeks flush brightly and couldn’t seem to meet the eyes of anyone around me as I was told to wiggle and squirm onto my knees, my weight rested against my chest. I gurgled and moaned, unable to hold the drool in around my mouth being forced open creating a pool of spit under my cheek. I was trying to figure out how to keep my face out of that wet puddle I felt the hard, sharp, and hot sting of a reed cane across my cold ass. I screamed and wiggled before feeling another quick smack across the fleshy cheeks again. Another person coming and taking a fist full of my hair making me look up towards the stranger, unable to recognize them with the tears of pain in my eyes running down my cheek, ruining my makeup. A cock making its way between the O ring and running over my tongue as another hard whack against my ass as the cock begin to make its way in and out of my throat.

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