Wonder Woman Gets Tied Up and Fucked

submissive whore

 I entered the dungeon dressed in my Wonder Woman outfit knowing I would turn some heads. The DOMs were all over me, the fantasy behind fucking Wonder Woman drove them crazy. Within minutes I was tied and gagged and everyone wanted a piece of me. Well, they got it, and I was fucked, licked and sucked all night long by so many different people. I was the star of the show and I loved every minute of it!

Being a submissive whore is what I was made to do, I crave it, NEED the attention and pain that they inflict. I’m not satisfied until I am covered in cum and have had every hole fucked. I think next time, I’ll go as Cat Woman or Super Girl. I’ve been saving up for a new costume. Why don’t you give me a call and tell me which you think I should purchase next?I’ll be your sub slut, and we’ll get off together.

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