Working Hard

Bondage WhoreMy master made me work for him today. He told me he would have friends over tonight and they would be using my pussy as entertainment. He tied me up to a chair in the living room and told me I was only allowed to moan. He then blindfolded me and as his boys came over they each fingered, rubbed, and played with my pussy whenever they liked. I could not se anyone but as the voices became more so did their fun. They took turns shoving items in my pussy. Pool sticks, beer bottles, and of course their cocks. I must have been fucked by over 15 guys that night and they all flooded me with their cum. When they left my master kissed me and then left me tied up so he could fuck me. His long cock was so much different than the others and that is the only cock I craved. He even let me swallow his load since the other guys had already flooded my pussy. My master loves me so and I am so happy that he rewards me with his cum.

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