Worthless Cunt

Submissive whore

  I’m Celeste, a Submissive whore, and I am here for men to use and abuse me like the worthless cunt I am. My father had a party the other night and I was the center of attention for guys to do what they wanted to me. He had me in a chair with my hands tied behind my back. I was gagged in the beginning of the night and my tits were bound at the base for the ultimate pleasure of pain for me and for the easy access to get slapped around. My shaved cunt and bare ass were on complete exposure for the guys and daddy showed everyone what a worthless cunt I am with a big sign on my front. He grabbed my cunt and slapped the fuck out of it for everyone to enjoy. I was getting my pussy slapped and it was swollen and red. My tits were red and sore as was my ass by the time they were done with me. I was rewarded for being a good slut with tips from the guys and a nice big credit line on a giftcard. I was also so wet and excited by the time it was all over that I was allowed a good fucking by my big brother. Check out the phone sex specials and take me for your own.

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