You weren’t sure

BDSM ChatThe first time you got in touch with me, you weren’t sure what you liked, what you were into. I suggested some bondage chat, but, you were skeptical. But soon, your curiosity got the best of you. With some suggestions, you had me bound and gagged. When you stepped back, taking in the view of your work, your cock had sprung to full attention. You laid me across y our lap. I knew some bare bottom spankings would get you in the rhythm. Over and over again your hand landed on my ass and pussy lips, increasing in strength each time. My ass was bright red with your fingerprints.  You smoothed your hands over my red flesh, testing how my pussy was flowing so freely for you. You laid me back, pinching, twisting, and slapping my breasts and nipples. I couldn’t stand how much I needed to have some part of you in my cunt. You were so hard when you slid your cock between my lips and down my throat. Soon, you had me by my hair, skull fucking me hard. I came when you blew your nice fat load down my throat.

Your beast was raging with need. You threw me down, picked my ass up, and savagely rammed your dick into my little asshole, roaring into me over, and over, and over again. We both exploded in orgasm, growling and screaming our pleasure.

You’re off to a wonderful start! Call me up and let’s see what we can try next, master. Your submissive whore is waiting, tied, and patient as always.

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