Young mommy cum dumpster

Submissive phone sex


My son has turned me into his cum dumpster.  He is so young but most the time his balls just shoot air instead of actual cum.  However, a time or two the real thing has squirted out. So now he is obsessed with the idea of trying to make cum shoot out of his little boy cock either on me or in me. I find it quite entertaining.

My husband punishes me if I actually laugh at our son but sometimes, I simply can’t help it. On one hand the vigor that my son seems to have in regard to treating me like come dumpster is entertaining but on the other hand it’s a huge turn on. I’m really expecting one day to laugh so hard I climax.

This mommy is always willing to let him practice learning how to shoot his load properly. Even if my husband wasn’t forcing me to be my sons pleasured doll I would still gladly do it.  The simple fact that all I have to do is think about my son’s baby boy cock or how his little fingers shove in an out of my mommy cunt and I get soaking wet……

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