Your Bare bottom spankings Subslut

bare bottom spankings

He only wanted to know about my bare bottoms spankings I received as a sub slut over the years. He quizzed me on implements of destruction to my bare ass! I first said the bare hand of my master is best, but that was wrong. I took out my plexiglass paddle and gave myself three hard paddles for him right on my ass. I was wearing a t-back thong and the sounds were marvelous as I wailed on myself for him! Not that he was wrong, no man is wrong in my opinion, but a nice big masculine hand makes beautiful marks on a bare derriere! Next we discussed cane poles, and flogging devices. I described each that was in my possession and I knew I couldn’t cane myself, so we talked about how it felt and what marks the can left on my body. When he asked me to spread my legs and give my pussy lips a nice twack in time with his voice… I was busted. “You’re wet, I can hear it!’ He almost laughed and told me to get on all fours and with one hand take my favorite thin leather strap and lash myself for him! I came almost instantly! God, I love spanking phone sex!

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