Your perfect Submissive

submissive whoreI vow to be your perfect submissive whore! When my master says jump I do it without hesitation!
Sucking his cock for hours as he whips my ass until it is red and welted. I enjoy my master taking his big cock head and ramming it into my ass hole because I was misbehaving and did not follow his instructions perfectly! Master always shows me exactly how a woman should be treated! Like a subservient cow. I am honored as I am taking a beating and being used the way a female should be used! Let me be your obedient subslut like I do for my own master!
I love cock in my ass, toys in my ass, fingers in my ass, and anything else that will fit in there. Pound me hard with a big fat throbbing cock and balls slapping against my clit and cunt. I really love it when I am bound and spread eagle, vulnerable and ready for punishment including Bare bottom spankings! And ass abuse! I have had a baseball bat in my anus. I have had dildos, every size of cock and every kind of toy in my whore asshole.
I have been beaten mercilessly, bound tight for hours at the hands of a man who loves to see how much I can humanly take! As if I was even close to being human! One of my masters favorite sex adventures involves me being gagged and ass raped fantasy style in my pretty brown asshole. A slave’s asshole is like a mouth that is always hungry and craving to be fed! Double dick me down with a buddy or two, I love being fucked from both ends!
I want to be fucked, hit, slapped, punched, kicked and any other abuse you want to dish out to me I will take like a good little cock worshiping slut! I am here to serve and please your cock at all cost!
Fuck me!bare bottom spakings

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