Your pleasure is my pain

bondage whore

I’m a bondage whore. I love it rough, and I can surely show you why I deserve to be a fuckslut for you. I want you to tie me up and smack me and take out all your frustrations. I can’t wait till I’m your dumb cumslut. There’s no way I will stop till I have every drop of your cum. If beating me and tying me up pleases you, I want you to keep doing it to me. 

There’s nothing like getting my ass rammed, and my throat choked at the very same time. Time to make me your little hot punching bag and show me who the boss is. Go ahead, make me yours. 

Turn me to your property forever. I’m ready to submit to you and make sure I please only you. The only thing that matters is your happiness and pleasure. 

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