naughty little worthless fuck!

bondage whore

Today, I woke up to the feel of my Master’s cock splitting my asshole wide open. No matter how many
times he takes his submissive slut’s little asshole, it still hurts like hell when ten inches of thick manhood
ram into me!
Today was a training day, and that meant he hogtied me and then used a riding crop to spank my pussy
until I was crying from the pain. Of course, my master never shows mercy. He let me cry and then
rammed a very thick butt plug into my already hurting little ass!
He shoved a big vibrator into my BDSM whore cunt and kept it going so I wriggled and moaned like the
little slut I am! There I was hogtied and he lifted my head up by my hair and made me say, “I’m your
good little whore, Sir!”
I had to say it perfectly, without moaning or anything! It was impossible because my ass was stretched
like nobody’s business and that vibrator made me cum over and over. Master didn’t care. I had to learn
to say the words one way or another and every time I messed up I got spanked, whipped or flogged!
It took all day before I could finally say it just once without moaning or screwing up the words.
Master rewarded me with his thick cock in the only available hole, my submissive slut mouth. After he
gave me the gift of his cummies and let me lick his lovely cock clean, he untied me. He wouldn’t let me
take the toys out, though, and made me crawl all the way to the chair with them. You wouldn’t believe
the ass cheek destroying spanking I got for letting the vibrator fall out of my pussy.

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    I want to fuck you silly bitch

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