Your Wife’s Cunt Or Two Girls Asses?

2 girl phone sex


The only thing better than 2 girl phone sex is 2 girl butt sex!  Duh!  My horny whore girlfriends and I will totally have you jizzing your jeans when we fist fuck each other while you listen to us on your cell, that’s cool.  Or, and just hear me out here, you could leave your stupid wife at home for the night and come over to my place for some hardcore assfuck action!

I don’t even know why you married that prudish slob, I hope she at least used to be hot.  And how many times has she let you stretch out her rotten little rim?  Zero, right?  Don’t fucking lie, just hang up the phone, ditch that ugly bitch and come bore out a couple of cream craving hottie assholes, guy!

What the hell are you waiting for, a formal invitation?!  You don’t need to RSVP to jam your P in our V’s and A’s, idiot!  You’re not attending the royal wedding here, you’re just turning out a couple of dirty dick loving sluts who want to feel your cock pump loads of hot goo deep in their poo holes.  You really don’t ever need to call first, you can just come over and knock.  We’ll let you in, I promise.

I’m not going to tell you again, my guy.  Do you want to bang two sexy buttholes or not?  You know that hag you call a wife isn’t going to let you anywhere near her backdoor, bro!


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