Tie Me Up

Bondage and submission


Last night my body was aching I needed to be touched in that way that only you know how. I can’t help but become weak to your kinky twisted mind I’m starting to yearn for the black leather leg restraints that tie my silky soft ankles to the bed posts. I love the way your long rough fingers run from my ankles to my supple thighs and squeeze as you wrap me thigh ties. My pussy is dripping wet as you look at my delicious clit and peer your head to kiss her before strapping my hands down. Now it’s time for that hot candle wax that feeds all my sexual fantasies. I start to be you to let me feel the heat as you thrust that 10-inch dildo into my hungry open cunt. I beg for more and deeper and you give me more than all I can take. Your dick is throbbing and draining pre-cum already, you climb on my head sixty-nine style and ram your pre-cum glazed, bone hard cock in my mouth and start forcing it down my throat. I take as much as I can, but I’m tied down, so I can’t move, and you love it as much as me I know because you always make me squirt over and over. Come into my world for a full frame of extreme pleasure.


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