A Business Mans Retreat

BDSM phone sexMy Master called me over and explained that we had a very important business meeting that we needed to attend. Of course I always submit to him and go along with whatever it is he says. We arrive at our destination and go in to the room. There stood about 20-30 men in suit and ties. All eye on me, I could feel them undressing me the instant I walked through the door. I was demanded by master to submit to my knees as I quickly did I began to see buckles coming undo and zipper being unzipped. Master hand picked the first 5 men and stood them in a single line formation the rest of them followed after. Each of them coming forth to fuck my throat. Being the good submissive slut that I am, I opened wide while I was throat fucked with cock after cock. None of them getting the chance to cum as they too had to play by masters rules. After offering my mouth up to their fuck rods I was then lifted off of my knees and began to be bound to this table that was placed off into the corner. Master fastened a ball gag into my mouth and my wrists were tightly wrapped along with my ankles. Again he hand picks 5 different men to have the first stab at my little wet fuck hole with their throbbing dicks. Pump after pump, thrust after thrust they each took their turn while the others surrounded me. Each one of them given the turn to either fill me with their load or cover my restricted body with nut. By the time this business meeting was over I was filled and saturated with the many loads of cum from uptight loaded business men. Anything to please my master.

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