Slave Training With Extra Terrestrial Help

Slave trainingMy master advised me I needed more training. He said I was not the perfect slave yet. He thinks I still have too much of my own will-power. He came from behind me and placed a foul smelling washcloth over my nose and mouth. The room began to spin and my mind became confused. I had enough sense to know I was being drugged but for what purpose I did not know. When I awoke, I was no longer in our home or in my usual dungeon. There were lights surrounding me and weird types of computers. My ankles and wrists were cuffed to a hard surface and I was positioned on all fours. Something huge was invading my pussy. I was stretched past my capacity. I was in pain. I cried for help and stole a glance behind me. What I saw scared me more than I had ever been scared in my life.

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My master was nowhere to be found. Replacing him was a huge muscle bound creature with a long snake like extremity coming from his pelvic area. It was bigger than my arm. As I followed that extremity with my eyes, I saw why my pussy was convulsing so painfully. A large part of this beasts protrusion was stuffed deep inside my pussy. The cuffs were made out of something kin to iron and there was no way for me to do anything but accept what this monster was doing to my body. The pain was so great I eventually passed out.

When I awoke, I was no longer cuffed to the table. I decided it was time for me to flee. I ran until I found a door. Once I went through this door, I saw nothing but gray. I continued to run. I heard loud, rapidly approaching footsteps behind me. My fear paralyzed me. It has a huge spider looking creature with a large appendage coming from his center. He quickly caught up with me and my pussy was once again pummeled by a foreign body. His cock like appendage wasn’t as big as the first but because of my fear of spiders, I was frozen in terror. He too, used my body however he chose and I was helpless to do anything other than accept the intrusion. Suddenly I felt a huge explosion deep in my cunt. Apparently the spider had come and his body disintegrated. I knew I should run, but I was unsure where to go. My body was beaten and aching and I bordered on exhaustion. I must have passed out because the next thing I knew I was transported back to my own dungeon where I was secured with my usual restraints. My will was suitably broken. I would now be the perfect slave.

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