A Girl Fight

bondage whore

My domme daddy is big on boxing and loves to make me fight. If I lose, I will be getting my ass beat twice because he will have me fucked up by his own hands. Domme daddy likes me to beat other girls and wants to see me be the bondage whore for him but a vicious brat with girls. I like to turn him on and get into girl fights. Every time I get him riled up after a fight, he fucks me so well.
Sometimes my domme daddy likes to handpick the girls out and tells me to go at it and brings them over and has me bombard them and start fucking them up. Domme daddy gets an enormous hard-on by watching me antagonize and go wild on other females. I know he will fuck me crazy, and that alone makes me want to give my A-game. Let domme daddy use me and have the biggest orgasm ever.

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