I earned it!

female bondage

I earned my Masters cum load! Being A female bondage slave for so many years means Master ups his game from time to time and has put me through the most brutal courses know to a sex slave. There are ways to make me beg for his cum like no other. One of them is for him to fuck a nice young slut in front of me and make me jealous. Thrown on the bed in a hog tie like a useless piece of baggage, I felt discarded. 

I saw that young tight bodied slave working his cock with her mouth as he berated me and told me how good of a cock sucker she was. I almost fell off the bed moaning and begging with my body. The ball gag was pushed in tight. I wanted nothing more to show him how much I needed to please him. And when he had her crawl on the bed so he could fuck her right in front of me I thought I would die. I watched her face as she thought she would be getting a cock in her sweet puss. Instead he went straight into her ass and her face told me she wasn’t ready for anal play. I began to laugh behind my ball gag, which pissed the master off and he removed it.  He said I needed more slave training, but I didn’t expect the younger female slave he was vetting to be released and told to please me! I Knew what he wanted as I forced her up and made her eat my milf cunt and told her what a disrespectful whore she was. She was trash to a man like my master as I put my ass in the air and pushed her head to my piss hole! I pissed in her mouth as My Master entered me from behind and fucked my shit hole. I got his cum as I filled her mouth with my warm golden piss! Then he gave me the belt and I whipped her so hard I got a second load in my juicy wet pussy! I made this want a be slave eat my Masters cum out of me too! I mean, I earned his cum she should share it with me!slave training

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