A Gum Job For Master

Bondage whore

I try not to use my teeth when I’m giving my Master a blowjob, but accidents happen and I end up getting socked in the mouth. Master always says he’s gonna knock my teeth out one of these days. It hurts that I’m not a good slave, that I’m constantly fucking up. Master has to constantly slap me and put me in my place. I’m such a stupid bitch. But Master found something on the internet that can help me give his cock the treatment it deserves. It’s something called a gum job kit. Foam covers for my teeth that I slip on and fit snugly. Once I have them in place I go to work on my Master’s cock. I lower my mouth down, rubbing the foam all over his cock, gently pressing down with my teeth and wiggling my jaws. I roll my teeth and wiggle my tongue all over his cock, sucking hard on the head. Master grabs my hair in his hands and thrusts hard into my mouth. He fucks my mouth, telling me what a good little whore I am and how warm and wet my mouth is. I’m so happy as his cock hits the back of my throat and he jizzes deep inside my mouth, feeding me his yummy cum.

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