A Lesson In Humility

submissive whore robyn1I don’t know how Master finds these things out or if he makes them up for his own pleasure. He claimed that last Sunday, January 3rd was Humiliation Day.
I was informed that there would be a party in my honor and solely designed for my humiliation.
Part one of this humiliation was that I would clean the house from top to bottom until it was spotless for this party, totally naked while being whipped by master at every turn, as well as prepare all the food and drink and set everything up buffet style so that my services would not be needed for serving.
I was then placed in my cage for presentation to the guests who would humiliate me over the course of the party.
At first the humiliation was not so bad. I was marked with permanent marker all over my body with a word written by each guest. Things like slut, worthless, garbage, cunt….
As the guests became more intoxicated things progressed. I was peed on, shit on, puked on, used and abused in every way imaginable.
By the end of the evening I was a mess and humiliated as I have never been before.
When it was all said and done Master told me that this was a lesson. And the lesson that I learned was that my worst humiliation is only someone else’s monetary entertainment and that is the only thing I would ever be good for.

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