Slave Training

slave training (2)My master could see my nipples…I knew he could. It was cold out and I wasn’t wearing a bra…I knew this was going to require some punishment. He didn’t like other’s being able to see my rock hard nipples, those were his – he owned me. As soon as we got home he was smacking me around and ordering me to get undressed. Calling me a whore and a stupid fucking slut. I didn’t dare disobey him, I simply stripped my clothes and looked ashamed. He dragged me to the bathroom and turned on the water. It was boiling hot. He didn’t put any cold on, so literally the water was so hot it could scorch my skin. He pushed a gag into my mouth, pushed me under the water and tied my hands up to the shower head. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t escape the boiling heat that was pouring over my body, I wanted to cry but I knew better not to. I was moaning and begging through the ball in my mouth, and he was smiling and stroking his cock. I was helpless and he knew it. He told me since I wanted to be a skank he was going to make sure that I wasn’t cold and my nipples weren’t rock hard. And what could I do? Nothing…

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